wall, wall, wall, nothing but wall, no entertainment, just wall at Westspace (14th July-13th August 2016), opens Thursday 14th: 6-8pm


14th July ------------------------------   13th August

West Space
Level 1, 225 Bourke Street                                Exhibition Hours
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000                               Tues - Sat 12 - 6pm




nothing but wall

no entertainment

just wall.

A discussion about poetry as long form poem. Taking the form of a number of emails with George Egerton Warburton and Aurelia Guo, some poems printed on A4 paper, conversations, problems and objects.
                                                  no, no
    horses dragging pretense in social forums, like poor poems in chains.           
        a risky ting
                           under snow and pollen
carbon fossils between teeth      in USBs             under boxes
hexs&hovels    covent  the weak breast
                                        embedded in troubel
           in class         social cast
                                             in chains in love in transit
in the way     above the law
            of peoples        on fire
                                      there in their eyes
                                      a hair
                                       a presumption of power
                                       no need2try too hard
                                       sitting still

                                             hooked face
                                             rare metal finger nails
                                             embedded in face
                                             grinding concrete
                                             ground sparks
                                             rock scatted rumble flesh
👹legs get in the way
👴timeless ego
✨egg evaporated
💺return to upright
Apricot sunrise
Not so good in most case
Set a 🍴
                                 laptop nose injury
                                                       rye bread coffin
                                 sanitary silence
                                 erotic novel
                                                       baby grand
                                                       spiral star patterns
                                 puff cotton
   a blade of grass inside                   

                                                                   faces in emotions
yuppie comic
campaign to ban gaols, jaols and jails
an endless activity
a phone rings on the hook
the same circle forms again

The Printed Room - Works off Paper Curated by Harry Burke and The 7th Guest-Galerie Tobias Naehring


The Printed Room - Works off Paper
Curated by Harry Burke
16 June — 28 August 2016Penny Goring

Hauptstrasse 12
4127 Birsfelden

New Scenario's BODY HOLES // bb9.berlinbiennale.de & newscenario.net

If the body were a museum. There would be seven galleries.

Your gate to crawl in through!

Experience Gregoire Blunt & Emmy Skensved, Antoine Renard, Paul Barsch, Marian Luft, Edward Marshall Shenk, Pakui Hardware, Caspar Jade Heinemann, Yves Scherer, Burkhard Beschow & Anne Fellner, Joey Holder, Jake Kent, Bruno Zhu, BB5000, Vincent Grunwald, Anselm Ruderisch, Antoine Donzeaud, Silas Inoue, Viktor Fordell, Christopher L G Hill, Ed Fornieles, Tilman Hornig, Sol Hashemi, Martijn Hendriks, Adam Cruces, Debora Delmar Corp., Rachel de Joode, Rasmus Høj Mygind, Sean Raspet, Carson Fisk-Vittori, Anna Sagström, Enrico Sutter, Josephyne Schuster-Brandt, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Clemence de la Tour du Pin, Bradford Kessler, Emanuel Rossetti, Fenêtreproject (Dustin Cauchi & Francesca Mangion), Santiago Taccetti, Michele Gabriele, Jesse Darling, Mikkel Carl, Sandra Vaka Olsen, Dorota Gaweda & Eglé Kulbokaité, Hana Earles, Ullrich Klose, Victoria Dejaco in the most intimate new scenario.

BODY HOLES, the third and most elaborate exhibition project by New Scenario, explores the natural orifices of the human body as practical exhibition spaces for art. The show builds on macro shots of artworks by over forty international artists and artist groups, installed in the mouth, nose, ears and more explicit areas. 

curated by New Scenario in collaboration with Nuno Patricio, o fluxo

as an online exhibition at the 9th Berlin Biennale #FearOfContent