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Towards Regrowth: Art Aid for Fire Relief represents the collective action of more than 50 contemporary artists in response to the unprecedented devastation caused by the ongoing bushfires. This 3-day, artist-led exhibition will include works by both Sutton Gallery artists and invited guests. All sales will be less the standard gallery commission and 100% of proceeds, as well as cash donations collected at the opening reception, will be donated to Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) and Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation.
While this exhibition has no overarching premise other than to support the collective response of artists to a national tragedy, perhaps a curatorial provocation arises in the form of its optimistic approach towards regrowth; how can we collectively prepare for a future in which the threats caused by global heating will only increase in frequency and severity? What are the pathways to affecting long-term sustainable practices within the commercial gallery sector and wider contemporary art community? How can we continue to harness the capacity of artistic practice and activity to support rejuvenation and regrowth of people, community and Country? In the first instance, we hope that this exhibition and act of coming together can help to mediate the despair associated with climate catastrophe by generating hope and seeding further action.

ENDLESS LONELY PLANET 8  modular poem with words from: Abella D'Adamo, Adelle Mills, Alex Vivian, Aurelia Guo, Christopher L G Hill, Conor O'Shea, D&K, Discipline, Elizabeth Newman, Endless Lonely Planet, Fayen d'Evie, FFIXXED, Gian Manik, George Egerton Warburton, H.B. Peace, Joshua Petherick, Kate Meakin, Lewis Fidock, Lou Hubbard, Lisa Radford, Lucina Lane, Matt Hinkley, Matthew Benjamin, Matthew Ware, Nick Selenitsch, Raafat Ishak, Rudi Willams, Samuel Heatley, Sean Peoples, Simon Zoric, S.T. Lore, Tahi Moore, Virginia Overell.(counterfietnessfirst bootleg) miniature edition (edition of one plus artists proof) Christopher L G Hill 2020  $110

dj jacket (Gin) and Cognitive Labour (Me) 6-8pm

also coming soon:



officeworks 15min pop-up

Dearest reader,

the latest issue of ENDLESS LONELY PLANET will take on multiple iterations this coming year. It is a modular poem by approx 35 people operating in various spaces.

*The first iteration is in a basement (rear 70 Smith street Collingwood) concurrently with Musée du Strip 

Saturday 14th of December 2019 12-5:30pm we welcome you to join us, *one day only.

with words from:
Abella D'Adamo 
Adelle Mills
Alex Vivian
Aurelia Guo
Christopher L G Hill
Conor O'Shea
Elizabeth Newman
Endless Lonely Planet
Fayen d'Evie
Gian Manik
George Egerton Warburton
H.B. Peace
Joshua Petherick
Kate Meakin
Lewis Fidock
Lou Hubbard
Lisa Radford
Lucina Lane
Matt Hinkley
Matthew Benjamin
Matthew Ware
Nick Selenitsch
Raafat Ishak
Rudi Willams
Samuel Heatley
Sean Peoples
Simon Zoric
S.T. Lore
Tahi Moore
Virginia Overell