problem poem, and The Place For The Socks open this Friday 13th, 6-8pm

Christopher L. G. Hill problem poem

Kain Picken
The Place For The Socks

April 14 – May 05
Opening Fri April 13 6-8pm
Talk April 20, 3 pm

A poem may well be problematic. Flowers may grow to seed without a lived purpose.
The floor, the realm between two dimensions and three. A mist. A feeling. A roof to the business below. A striated area that has objects in a structured dialog.
Out on the windy moors searching for hope, meaning; through battle, conversation, self histories, niceties, interactions, debris. Threads of the mind interact with materials and people, feet move, a light flickers. A jaded dragon emerges slay’n by passive aggression and passion. All things fade away and what are we left with? Sentiment or histories? Maybe we have lost skills and a confidence, but in dream rubble there is so much beauty to find, things, ideas, forms, intangibility and poetry.

Christopher L G Hill has a collaborative, self reflexive, curatorial, fluid object and spatially based practice that is uncertain but utopian. Celebrating failure and misanthropy, the importance of group dynamics, internal and external dialogs and relationships. Exhibited in many artist run, commercial, and institutional spaces In Australia and abroad (Y3K, Gambia Castle, Clubs, TCB, TATE modern, Centre Ongoing, MCA, etc). Hill’s Practice is one that looks for positive solutions in reuse, reinterpretation, social and psychological betterment of himself and those around him.