Saturday 5/12 Performance and Sculptural interpretation

Saturday 5/12, 6pm sharp Performance and Sculptural interpretation
as part of
"Shoto no Chateau" (meaning, Chateau in early winter, a sound and performance festival).

(with thanks to Center ongoing Tokyo, and Asia Link)

Confusing and reputation (?) Access to the chateau 2F,

The event re-map on the check, please join.

Art Spot Chateau Koganei 2F (Niefu)
Honmati JR Koganei Station 5 minutes walk from South Exit Chateau Koganei Koganei Takezou 2F 6-5-3 Chuo Line

Koganei Takezou JR South Exit out the left side of the mall roundabout go straight.

Eleven have stuck at the crossroads opposite, turn right.

Chateau on the right you will see Koganei walk straight along the street.
Before the bus stop, please rise to the second floor next to the Door of the blue orthopedic clinic.

↑ 2F chateau here is the second floor.
Door of the chateau where the first floor of the entrance to the2F.
Left the room ↑ (Takita on billboards and Fisheries) from the chateau is 2F.

Sunday 5/12

Psycheban!: 12/05 (日)
@Enban - Koenji
3-59-11 Koenji-Minami, Koenji
Start Time: 19:00

Door Price: Y 1500

A binary datum presents: Psycheban! A night of more or less psychedelic music at Enban.


*Suishou no Fune

*Yuki Okamoto + Masahide Tokunaga

*The Mysteries of Love

Take the south exit of Koenji station, turn right, and walk along the train tracks towards Asagaya. After following the tracks for a couple of minutes, you'll see Enban on your left on the 2nd floor near some bars and yakitori shops.

Three's Company (Gambia Castle) documentation one

"Chris & Gin"
"Misty Romance"
"fuzzy dutch" detail

Working on the script for "Palm Springs,....etc"

"Naughty orb in a corner"detail
"Naughty orb in a corner"
"Vesuvius", featuring Alex Vivian, detail
"Vesuvius", featuring Alex Vivian
"Fuzz Dutch", detail

"Vesuvius", featuring Alex Vivian. Work in front of blocked up fire place Joshua Petherick

"Fuzzy Dutch", & "Misty romance", also featured work by James Deutsher (paintings and ceramic Lemons)

*Thanks to Ben Tankard and Tahi Moore for the TVs!
*And thanks to Joshua and James, and Gambia of course.

Three's Company


Flowers of Romance doccumentation (even more comming)

Virginia Overell

James Deutsher

R-L Worldfood books, Helen Johnson, Nick Mangan, James Deutsher, Joshua Petherick, Virginia Overell

L-R Joshua Petherick, James Deutsher, Nick Mangan
corner of Nick Mangan, Helen Johnson
Virginia Overell, Joshua Petherick
James Deutsher
left- right VO, JP, JD, NM, HJ, WFB

winds of change

cool in the pool

Dan Bell & Patron collab

Joshua Petherick