Y2K (galleria)

The year 2000 marks/ed a duality (in that it is more than '1' (1000)). Everything didn't end, but this point of excitement was the start of lived duality, as much as you can have a start to something non linear. Also the 1st melbourne biennial didn't happen...In that it stayed at '1', maybe this was because of Y2K?

So as result Y2K will open (and close the year) with the second (4th) Melbourne (biannual) bienali, 8 years on.

Y2k will be based on the artist run model, run by one artist (me, Christopher L G Hill) with and independent changing comity choosing the shows, and volunteering time to help out when they want to or can.

For the first month of operation the biennial will be running, followed by an award show for non-graduate students from melbourne art and Design schools.

For shows starting late June onwards we will be open to proposals, prices (will be cheap) and location (in the CBD)are not finalised yet and depend on funding, expressions of interest welcome, and will be considered with this in mind.

Proposal Guidelines:

:)A brief outline on the intended project for the space, taking that changes do happen into consideration of course.

:)Representations of past practice in any form, as much as you like.

:)3 images and a blurb; for press and email out. Images and blurb can be altered up to a month before your show.


general running of shows:

:)Y2K will take care of invites, extensive email out, press release, physical and blog archiving of show, sitting the show, installation and de-installation help, emotional support.

:)shows will run for four or two weeks as standard, but Y2K will also be open to shorter or longer projects.

:)Y2K is also interested in supporting publications, and stocking recordings, preserves and publications.

regards: Chistopher L G Hill