Playing first at this M Pavilion event, as Street Furniture.

FiX is a collective made up of artists whom are students, alumni or artists practicing outside of the Victorian College of the Arts. Performances by  Zara Sullivan, Gabrielle Nehrybecki, Kirby Casilli, Penny Walker-Keefe, April Chandler, Jemi Gale, Rumer, Benjamin Baker, Christopher LG Hill (Street Furniture), Jon Campbell with Lauren Brown and Lisa Radford, Alice Watson, Veronica Charmont, Anna Savage, Rachel Button, Agnes Whalen and Christian Mannling.

Supreme co-ordination by Zara Sullivan, Gabrielle Nehrybecki, Kirby Casilli, April Chandler, Rumer Guario, Alice Watson, Veronica Charmont, Rachel Button, Agnes Whalen and Christian Mannling.
FIX 002