Line Music No. 11 ___________________________________________________ ​ ​ CLGH - for line




Line Music No. 11


CLGH - for line

1. straight hair (4:40)

2. wavy tuft (8:00)

3. vaccumed up folical (11:32)


CLGH contributes three pieces for Line Music performed on the 'hairdryer bagpipe' (recorders, train whistle, slide whistle, packing tape, hair dryer). Includes five page pdf with documentation. Available for download here

*CLGH appears courtesy of Bunyip Trax


Thank you to those who attended Line Music Presents No. 3 (unfortunately due to poor organisation this was not advertised via the mailing list).

Line Music Salon is to be held in mid-February at Hyacinth. Please contact Line Music if you would be interested in participating (either via performance, providing scores for performers, or submitting pre-recorded works for live playback).

The fourth Line Music Presents is planned for late January.


Thank you to contributors who have provided material for the inaugural issue of the Line Review, due to be published in January. Submissions remain open until late December.

Please contact for more information.


There is an interview with Line Music as part of a fold-out poster included with the Act Now - Louis Adonis / Wow Factor 7" on Trevor Records. Available here and here and here.


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