Two Sides of the Same Coin

We invite you the participate in the final contemporary art event at Y3K Gallery, Melbourne

On the last day of the final project for Y3K from 6pm to 8pm we would like to invited you to purchase one or many of a series of Collaborative painting by James Deutsher and Christopher L G Hill. The series "two sides of the same coin" begun during the Y32K Bienalle, and are again made available. Being that Y3K has run without government or private funding, in a non-comercial capacity, on a project by project basis, supported mainly by the running of studios and our own financial negotiations, we are faced with a significant invoice to clear in order to shut the space down. This new series of collaborative paintings act as lasting 'mementos' of the project and will be set at a very humble flat rate asking price of $250. The paintings are available to view online and measure 900mm x 1200mm and are on a range of boards including MDF, ply and masonite. If you would like to buy one from the site, please email with an image of the work you would like to buy. For pre-orders, works will need to be paid for before 5:30pm on Saturday 4 June, or they will become available for sale again at the closing event. We would ask you to consider the value of Y3K over the last two years and also the genius of these collaborative works and commit to buying one, bring cash to the event! Everyone's a winner, baby, thats no lie! Lets not forget what happened here. Thank you everyone for your support over the last two years, Y3K is dead, viva Y3K.

Christopher L G Hill and James Deutsher

205 Young St. Fitzroy
Melbourne, Australia