SLAVE show at Joint Hassles

Nick and Chris make a wall drawing of Chris gets a tattoo designed nick, 2006
Christopher L G Hill and Nick Selenitsch

Video documentation of, Chris gets a tattoo designed by Nick, 2006 Nick Selenitsch, Christopher L G Hill, (filming)Bianca Hester, (video transfer)Annie Wu, (tattooist) Tim dywska. And X, 2006, Real McKoy; Kain Picken and Rob McKenzie


Pre openning drinks, and photocopy print of ; Jane's Tattoo designed by chris,
Christopher L G Hill, Jane Caught, Tom Jeppe

Model for; Chris gets a tattoo designed by Nick, Nick Selenitsch 2006

Painted over Graffitti, Christopher L G Hill 2006

One God, No Masters

Group show at Hamish McKay Gallery, Wellington
Andrew Barber
Damiano Bertoli
Lane Cormack
Daniel Du Bern
Marco Fusinato
Irenea Hanenbergh
Matt Hinkley
Caroline Johnston
Courtney Lucas
Viv Miller
Tahi Moore
Geoff Newton
Greg Sharp
Marnie Slater
Noel Skrzypczak

*TuesDay 17 October 2006 5:30