Flatland Reader

The new publication from O Fluxo is now available! Flatland Reader marks the closure of the flatland project gathering an overview of the articles published online as well as many other exclusive features.

During a course of almost three years of posting, flatland was O Fluxo’s first online issue and explored different ideas about art for online audiences, presenting a continuous feed of articles that tapped into the growing movement of generating art documentation as a medium on its own, to be displayed only for the online viewer, on the flat screen.

Flatland Reader presents a collection of art and essays that analyzes today’s post-digital conditions for critical media and artistic practice — the act of blurring the boundaries between the physical and the digital by staking out new paths for understanding and working in the transversal territories bounded by theory, internet, and art. Serving also as a P.O.D. foundraiser for the website, Flatland Reader is not a document of the online issue itself but rather a stand-alone exploration of the ongoing topics of the flatland project presented in a printed format.


List of Participants
Flatland Reader O Fluxo Editions, 2020
 Edited and designed by Nuno Patrício
                                                            268 Pages, 15×23 cm Perfect-bound Paperback Flexible cover 
Full color offset, 105gr P.O.D. printing by Blurb 
ISBN: 9781714524051