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Yearly periodical with 4gb data disc accompaniment

PUBLICATION FEATURING: Nicholas Selenitsch, Joshua Petherick, Kate Newby, Nicholas Mangan, S.T. Lore, Y3K, Matthew Benjamin, Discipline, Evergreen, Review Swapper, Virginia Overell, Alex Vivian, Elizabeth Newman, Christopher L G Hill, Darren Banks.

DATA FEATURING: Matthew Brown, Nicholas Mangan, Simon Denny, Justin K Fuller Porpoised rmx, Hessian Jailer, Jason Heler, Olle Holmberg, Jarad Zlatic, Emile Zile, Ardi Gunwan, Christopher L G Hill, Tim Coster (Fictitious Sighs), Oliver Van der Lugt, VDO4BTXmix,Bum Creek,Counterfietnessfirst folder
various content (Dan Arps, Deleuze, Vinteriket, James Deutsher, Joshua Petherick, Christopher L G Hill, Skogen Zine, Natural Selection, El Rave Azteca….etc) mostly Unauthorised.

 *****Matthew Brown's featured track Bernafai (linked here)

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Nick Croggon and Helen Hughes are pleased to announce the launch of the second issue of their contemporary art journal, Discipline from 6–9pm on Friday 18 May 2012, at The Sporting Club Hotel in Brunswick.

Discipline presents longer, research-based essays on contemporary Australian art alongside artist pages, and places such art within a global context. Issue 2 features a guest-edited section by Maria Fusco, editor of The Happy Hypocrite, author of The Mechanical Copula (Sternberg Press, 2010) and Director of Art Writing at Goldsmiths, UK.

Discipline 2 is completely independent, and every aspect of the issue has been carefully crafted and curated: it is 176 pp, full colour, ad-free and has been beautifully designed by Amsterdam-based designers Annie Wu and Ziga Testen.


ARTIST PAGES by A Constructed World, Elizabeth Newman, Sandra Selig, Kate Meakin, Rongsolo (Agatha Gothe-Snape and Brian Fuata), Paul Knight, Christopher LG Hill, and S.T. Lore.

ESSAYS by Amelia Barikin on Ash Keating; Francis Plagne on Matt Hinkley; Helen Hughes on Callum Morton and Bianca Hester; Timothy Morton on Yukultji Napangati; Helen Johnson on Mira Gojak; David Homewood on Robert Rooney and Simon Klose; Kate Warren on Omer Fast; Adrian Martin on art criticism; Vivian Ziherl on Lip magazine (with Jemima Wyman, Alex Martinis Roe, Raquel Ormella, Regrette Etcetera and Emily Floyd); Tim Alves on Vernon Ah Kee; Sarinah Masukor on Vernon Ah Kee; Nikos Papastergiadis on Terry Smith; and James Parker on Simon Reynolds.

TRANSLATION Emanuele Coccia by Connal Parsley.

GUEST EDITED SECTION by Maria Fusco, featuring: Nikolaus Gansterer and Moira Roth, John Berger, Yve Lomax and John Bevis.


Discipline 2
Autumn, 2012
Editors: Nick Croggon and Helen Hughes
Guest Editor: Maria Fusco
Design: Annie Wu and Ziga Testen
Printing: Printgraphics, Victoria
Print run: 1000
Full colour
Perfect bound
30 x 23 cm
Launch price: $20


Endless Lonely Planet 1

 a yearly periodical in print and data featuring Christopher L G Hill, Joshua Petherick,  Nicholas Mangan, Evergreen (Olivia Barrett and James Deutsher), Alex Vivian, Kate Newby, Y3K, Review Swapper, Discipline, Matthew Benjamin, S.T. Lore, Virginia Overell, Nicholas Selenitsch,Darren Banks, Elizabeth Newman, VDO, Theodore Whong, Oliver Van Der Lugt, Hessian Jailer, Jason Heller, Olle Holmberg, Justin K Fuller, Matthew Brown, Ardi Gunawan, Counterfeitness First, Emile Zile, Fictitious Sighs, Porpoise Torture, Bum Creek, Simon Denny..... and others

Self published by contributors and Christopher L G Hill, and each coming with 4GB of data.  Available from World Food Books in store and online $20 (AUD). Limited to 100 copies.

Anothernother you

an online adaptation of a poem published in 2010 by Y3K, to slowly fall apart and die, links to various sources relevant, irrelevant, sublime and boring.