5-19 December

Benjamin Forster, Christopher LG Hill, Adelle Mills, Rebecca Ross
Jacqui Shelton, Giulio Squillacciotti, Yang ZhenZhong
Curated by Kyle Weise

30 Guildford Lane
Melbourne Australia 3000
Opening Hours
Thursday - Saturday 12-6 

"Toatie sandwich maker press", as part of Hamishi Farah's project in the directors office as part of Gertrude studios also included Emma Jo Davies, Natasha Madden, (and Isa Genzen unathorised)

Me Wearing a White Bread Mask. Natasha Madden. 2015(below)
Isa Genzken. Christopher L G Hill (and Isa Genzken unauthorised). 2015(below)

 It's okay, VV. Emma Jo Davies. 2015(below)

notice, by Hamishi?

open again, I think?

glass shoebox, BUS projects, 2015

30 September – 17th October 2015


a side reference