Endless Lonely Planet 1

 a yearly periodical in print and data featuring Christopher L G Hill, Joshua Petherick,  Nicholas Mangan, Evergreen (Olivia Barrett and James Deutsher), Alex Vivian, Kate Newby, Y3K, Review Swapper, Discipline, Matthew Benjamin, S.T. Lore, Virginia Overell, Nicholas Selenitsch,Darren Banks, Elizabeth Newman, VDO, Theodore Whong, Oliver Van Der Lugt, Hessian Jailer, Jason Heller, Olle Holmberg, Justin K Fuller, Matthew Brown, Ardi Gunawan, Counterfeitness First, Emile Zile, Fictitious Sighs, Porpoise Torture, Bum Creek, Simon Denny..... and others

Self published by contributors and Christopher L G Hill, and each coming with 4GB of data.  Available from World Food Books in store and online $20 (AUD). Limited to 100 copies.