Soundwwwalk composition

There is a lot of room for improvisation, load and remove as you see fit, if something is still open and you want to play it in some capacity that’s fine.
The start of things; load these two ambient generator
 PLAY THIS WHILE LOADING, much around as a layer at times for a little, record play back, strum etc, over the top as well
 fiddle with settings
Air conditioner
Play a bit of each track
Crazy VHS Effects Vol 2
Good for jumping numbers
click on tracking press 0 four times 5 second intervals (click on track first)
wait a bit and then

Non-Newtonian Fluid Dubstep


then command click a few Birds frogs, go crazy with this to rupture the dubsteps
then the next youtube clip while clicking on a lot of the birds and frogs, also repressing play on the open ones till bored
press 7ish of the squares of tone matrix

start closing all other windows except  worst nightmare  track and tone matrix
op of Form

Bottom of Form
Crazy VHS Effects Vol. 3
Number jumping mr bean
Between 6-7

bring in

Depression Treatment subliminal binaural beats music

maybe drop the scary ambient windows slowly
wait a tick and add some command clicked guinea pigs sounds
guinea pigs

and play around with this
wait bring in
pink noise, ajust volume a little down
play and loop noises, drag and drop this into a new tab

bring down volumes, exit all sounds/windows slowly for fade out

again be playful about it leave/repeat etc what........


Soundwwwalk performances are an emerging genre of live browser-based sound performances where plugin sound-collage meets multitab mixing, shamelessly blending the traditions of acoustic ecologies, pro-surfing and laptop performance. The artists take the audi
ence on a sonic detour through the World Wide Web. All performances follow the Soundwwwalk One-Line-Manifesto: "All sound sources must be played in a browser, must not be self-produced and must be publicly accessible". This event will feature performances of new Soundwwwalk compositions by Christopher LG Hill (AUS), Andreas Miranda [NL] and Antuong Nguyen (AUS). Co-curated by Bernhard Garnicnig and Jared Davis.

$5 at the door. Limited capacity. No bookings.
Thursday 2 August 2012, 8pm
West Space, level one, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne
More info: