Melbourne Art Book Fair: Reading: ‘Tink Thank’ by Christopher LG Hill A circular reading of twitter poetry presented by 3-ply 

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“They and I read words from ‘the txt’ in a circle/network of sorts and thoughts (where is the A in the middle?). tink tink tink thank is the dissemination of crumbling crows feet cracks extended like dribble (image of dribble) in print via 3ply    written by Christopher L G Hill designed with Nicholas Tammens the words and    spaces are now free. Mushrooms grow in these cracks and Mario (TM Nintendo 1981) unionises the plumbers and overthrows regal lil co op of horrors’ flowers etc… (footnote Vonia sole tattoo like rumored Marquis de Sade one, maybe, perhaps)” CLGH 2015
About 3-ply
3-ply is an independent publishing initiative that focuses on publication, writing, editing and translation as an extension of art practice.
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NGV International
Ground Level, Great Hall
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